Monday, December 6, 2010

MOVIE WEEK - December 2010: "Twilight" Monday - Day One: How Well Do You Know Edward Cullen?

As we started in September,  we have a new Monthly Feature to the blog: "MOVIE WEEK". Once a month  during the dreaded "Drought" times, we will spend a week (Mon-Fri) focused on one of Rob's movies and will have a different activity showcased each day: Interactive Quiz's, Memorable Quotes, Fan Art, Fan Videos, etc. and in keeping with our current Weekly Feature, Movie Premiere Tuesday's; we will feature images from the premiere(s) of this months movie.  If you have any Fan Art/Wallpapers/Videos you have made with the theme of any of Rob's movies, please send them to us as we will use them as we focus on each of his films! Last month because of all of the exciting news from the Breaking Dawn Set in Rio, we decided  to wait and see how things looked this month when they returned to the States.  Things are pretty slow so this month we decided to  focus on where the Saga began:

Movie Week - December 2010: "Twilight"
Monday - Day One:

How well do you think you know Twilight's Edward Cullen? Take the quiz we have put together and see. Enjoy!!

SPECIAL THANKS  to our very own Alex for the quiz questions and images!

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