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MOVIE WEEK - December 2010: "Twilight" Wednesday - Day Three: Bio, Quotes & Images

Movie Week - December 2010: "Twilight" 
Wednesday - Day Three: Bio, Quotes & Images
Here is a little background info and thanks to some of our Twitter followers, some memorable Quotes from Rob's character, our beloved Edward Cullen. Plus a few 
things Rob had to say about him! 

All About Edward 

Full Name: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
Age: 109
Date of Birth: June 20, 1901
Hair Color: Bronze
Eye Color: Vampire Black/Gold (originally green)
Height: 6'2"
Physical description: Lanky – not bulky. Boyish looking. Untidy hair.
Talent: Mind Reader
School: Forks High School
Hobbies: Plays piano, Collects cars
Date of Change: 1918
Changed By: Carlisle Cullen
Car (in the movie): Volvo C30 - silver
Car (in the book) Volvo S60R - silver, Aston Martin V12 – silver 
Places Lived: Forks, Washington. Chicago, Illinois. Alaska
Birth Family: Edward Masen (father) and Elizabeth Masen (mother)
Adopted Family: Carlisle Cullen (father), Esme Cullen (mother), Alice Cullen (sister), Emmett Cullen (brother), Rosalie Hale (sister), and Jasper Hale (brother).

Edward Cullen was born Edward Anthony Masen on June 20, 1901 to Edward Sr. and Elizabeth Masen. He and his parents contracted the Spanish influenza during an epidemic that devastated Chicago, Illinois in 1918. Orphaned and nearly dead from the disease, Edward was changed into a vampire by one of the physicians caring for him, Carlisle Cullen, acting on the directions from his loving, dying mother to "save him". From that point onward, Carlisle raised Edward as his son, instilling in Edward a morality unusual among the vampires. Central to this way of life is a refusal to consider humans as food. Edward had a rebellious period near the beginning of his life as a vampire, and used his mind-reading abilities to prey on only the worst of society. However, after a few years he became guilt-ridden and returned to Carlisle and his way of life. Edward and his vampire family, which includes his parents Carlisle and Esme and siblings Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, often come into conflict with other vampires as a result of this morality, which goes against their natural vampyric nature. A particular source of conflict is Edward's relationship with the human Isabella "Bella" Swan. 


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Still Images:

As always, all are HQ/UHQ and most are Super UHQ! Click to make HUGE and enjoy!

As always these all came from my personal collection. But, since they are official stills, we have to thank Summit Entertainment for them!

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