Friday, July 8, 2011

New/Old Pictures of Rob - Munich Nov 2009

During the New Moon International promotion in November 2009, Rob & Kristen Stewart were fitted by Burberry in Munich, Germany.
Click on each to make bigger, Enjoy!
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Candid shots of Pattinson and Stewart fitted by Burberry As the stars of the hugely popular Twilight film franchise, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get to enjoy all the benefits of fame and fortune - including being showered with gifts by some of the world's top fashion houses. The actors are given the red carpet treatment wherever they go, and on one promotional trip to Germany last year (10), they were gifted with brand new wardrobes specially for the cameras, courtesy of Burberry. They were each fitted for their outfits at The Charles Hotel in Munich - Stewart, looking a little bleary-eyed, at 3am, while a more cheerful Pattinson was suited and booted by stylists at noon the following day. Rarely are the co-stars and rumoured lovers seen in such candid shots, but they have let their guard down for these photos, obtained exclusively by WENN. Munich, Germany - 2010 Michael Francis/

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