Saturday, December 18, 2010

LA Times Water for Elephants Review

LA Times:
’Water for Ele­phants’: Can Robert Pat­tin­son per­form under the big top? Though Robert Pat­tin­son has slowly begun to carve out his post-“Twilight” act­ing career, many crit­ics still won­der whether the young star has the act­ing chops to suc­cess­fully move past the world of vam­pires. While it wasn’t a flop at the box office, Pattinson’s lat­est non-“Twilight” film, “Remem­ber Me,” barely seemed to reg­is­ter with film­go­ers. But next year, it seems the actor will finally have a real chance to show audi­ences what he’s got: he’ll star oppo­site Uma Thur­man in “Bel Ami” and with Reese With­er­spoon in April’s “Water for Ele­phants,” for which a trailer was released Thurs­day. We like the lan­gor­ous, moody tone, though it’s nearly impos­si­ble to judge from the trailer if Pat­tin­son has any act­ing skills beyond that long­ing gaze thing. It’s also mildly dif­fi­cult to believe the 34-year-old With­er­spoon could truly be wooed by a young man a decade her junior, but that’s a con­ceit we think we’d be able to get over.One def­i­nite bright spot in the trailer? Hal Hol­brook, who plays some wise old cir­cus hand who men­tors Pattinson’s char­ac­ter. We loved the 85-year-old’s per­for­mance in “Into the Wild” a few years ago, and it seems his pres­ence here will add weight to the film beyond the romance at its center.

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