Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Twilight Cast Speak About Robert Pattinson at Twilight Tour in Orlando

During the Twilight Convention today in Orlando, some of the cast: Peter, Charlie, Dan, Alex, and Booboo Talk Rob and Kristen:

All  Tweets from Twilightish | Exception of "Pussy Whipped Pattinson" : T_Mauricexo/. 
Thanks to RobStenLustCom for this compilation.

Peter Facinelli:
- He showed Kristen one of the chicken breasts he was practicing stitching on and she said "yeah, no, I wouldn't let you stitch me."
- During filming of Twilight he said that Rob said to him once that he didn't understand why they don't just eat people.
- During NM when Jasper attacks Bella and he's supposed to restrain him, he knocked his wig off by accident
- It was really him (Peter) that Rob/Edward threw to the ground during that scene (not doubles) & viceversa

Charlie Bewley and Dan Cudmore:
 - Fav Twi character besides themselves: Charlie's fav is Edward. Dan's is the wolves.

 - Charlie just called Rob 'Pussy whipped Pattinson'. [he was asked who his favorite character is and he said it used to be Jacob but now Its Edward cause he feels like Edward needs a little fire up his ass cause Jacob taking over..then he said "ya I like Edward..but not when he's like...idk...if he's like pussy whipped pattinson then no" or something like that and everyone died laughing and was like OOOOOO and he just smirked and was really funny]

Booboo Stewart:
 - What was it like working with RPatttz: Booboo says he is really funny
- Someone asked if Booboo has listened to RPattz on the Eclipse DVD commentary. -lol

Alex Meraz:
Alex grabbed Kristen by the throat when filming the scene when she punches him. He thought he was being slick but instead he scared her in real life.

Their thoughts on the Twilight Saga:
-Neatest thing he's experienced from Bill Condon? He's very open to ideas and really nice
-During training scene in Eclipse when Emmett says "not in my nature", Kellan tripped over a bush and fell over
-He's miffed that Carlisle doesn't get to take his shirt off so he might ask Bill Condon if he can do a pantless scene for BD

Charlie and Dan:
- Charlie would prefer animal blood because it's more fun to chase around an animal.
- Human blood vs animal blood if they were real vampires? Dan says the real thing becausec he's not going to a bar and order a non-alcoholic drink
- Fav book in the series: Dan says Eclipse. Charlie says Breaking Dawn because Demetri gets to have some fun.
- Wow! moment while working in Twi Saga? For Charlie was seeing the magnitude of the fandom when he went to Montepulciano.

Pussy-whipped is the new 'sexy'. Yep, Rob can bring new meaning to anything. j/s. lol 


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