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Remember Me International Totals

Remember Me” International Totals

Take a look at some of the totals, especially those outside the US. RM seems to be done in theatres now unless it opens in additional international locales. Its performance, especially internationally, is pretty impressive. BOM earnings for RM through October 3 is $36,785,867. The overall total for RM on BOM as shown is just for those countries listed on its site (this seems to vary between films). The totals for India and Switzerland and perhaps other locations are not included. The last total for Switzerland was $1.1M. I would hazard to guess that India is probably similar, so I believe the International BO was probably closer to $39M. 
Whatever Summit’s ultimate profits were, I think that those who are watching have noted that this is an impressive performance due in great part to Rob’s participation. Just to give an idea of how well the film did, I have compiled some film’s international totals for comparison. These may or may not be similar films, but, they are familiar films which should help in gauging how well RM did. The “star power” in some of the films listed and the performance of RM in comparison, is also, IMO, an indication of Rob’s potential draw. 

For a relatively small film usually showing in fewer cinemas than the bigger films (sometimes as much as 50% less), RM finished in the top 25 OVERALL (weekend totals for all countries) for six weeks maintaining a top ten finish for 3 weeks. It rarely opened out of the top ten in any country and was more often in the top 5.
    Most of the films listed are finished or appear to be near the end of their run. Production budgets are in parentheses. 

1. Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang: $63.3M ($35M)
2. The Book of Eli: $62.2M ($80M)
3. The Green Zone: $59.8M ($100M)
4. Law Abiding Citizen: $52.9M ($50M)
5. Kick Ass: $48.1M ($30M)
6. Killers: $45.1M ($75M)
7. Ghost Writer: $43.7M ($45M)
8. The Back Up Plan: $39.9M ($35M)
9. Edge of Darkness: $37.6M ($80M)
10. Remember Me: $36.8M ($16M)
11. Dear John: $34.9M ($25M)
12. Nine: $34.2M ($80M)
13. From Paris With Love: $28.5M ($52M)
14. The Last Song: $26.1M ($20M) *Still Playing/Will increase, but, IMO will not surpass RM
15. Letters To Juliet: $20.4M ($30M)
16. Daybreakers: $20M ($20M)
17. The Road: $18.8M ($25M)
18. She’s Out of My League: $16.8M ($20M)
19. A Single Man: $15.7M ($7M)
20. The Crazies: $15.3M ($20M)
21. Brothers: $14.5M ($26M)
22. Hot Tub Time Machine: $13.8M ($36M)
23. Cop Out: $10.5M ($30M)
24. Brooklyn’s Finest ($9.1M ($17M)
25. Leap Year $6.7M ($19M)
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